Ages 12-21

Congratulations! Your student has been selected to participate in an adventure. AWEĀY targets students ages 12—21 to strengthen science and math skills for career and life through authentic experiences.

  • Students must attend school in a district that did not meet recent local, state or national math/science standards.
  • Students who receive free tickets participate in an instructional session on the science in the adventure; one free ticket per student per year.
  • AWEĀY does not provide transportation to or from the adventure or the instructional site, but helps to arrange the transportation if needed. The parties that AWEĀY selects to aid in transportation are licensed, have insurance, and have agreed to assume responsibility for transporting participants
  • Parents and students understand that they will not be compensated for the images of students posted on AWEĀY’s internet sites; that the sole purpose of the postings is to encourage other students to experience science through adventure.
  • The student’s organization will provide an authoritative chaperone(s) for the duration of the adventure if agency-sponsored.
  • Parents/adult student understand that the student’s participation in the adventure/experience is 100% voluntary, and to the best of their knowledge, the student is healthy enough to participate in the adventure/experience.
  • The parents/adult participant understands that AWEĀY selects ventures with excellent safety records; the venue is responsible for safety.
  • The parents/adult participant understand that the student participant must agree to the guidelines published on the venue’s website and to follow the directions of the agents/operators at the venue.
  • Parents/adult participant understand that all adventures contain inherent risks; and that the parents/adult student agree to not hold AWEĀY liable for any of those risks incurred including but not limited to: equipment failure; direct or indirect contact with other participants (i.e., laser tag or go carting); slipping, falling, walking on the property or trail; for any scrapes, bruises, rope burns, harness injuries; injuries from weather or other environmental interactions such as with plants or animals (allergies to wildflowers or wildlife); or any severe life-threatening injuries that may result in emotional or physical injuries to self, properties or third parties.
  • Participants have medical/life insurance to cover any and all costs relating to harm incurred from activities that were initiated by AWEĀY; or, the parents/adult participant agree to pay all costs.
  • After the venue, the students are expected to write about their experiences to post with AWEĀY.
  • Student participants will provide an email address for the purpose of recruitment to colleges, universities, trade schools and applicable employers.
  • Parents/adult participants understand that by signing this document, they may be found by a court of law to have waived their right to any litigation relief based on any claim that they have released AWEĀY herein.

And finally parents/students understand that students are expected to have big big fun!!!

The following info is required

For the student participant. Read all choices and pick one only.

When I graduate,