June 16, Saturday, 10am – 4pm

w/Metro Parks, Friends of Metro Parks

Food Trucks & Fun!

Ride Again! or for the first time!

Toddlers, Friends, Family, Grandparents — Bike Fun!

Bring Your Own Bike or Ride Ours (Limited Supply)!

Register Each Person Now for Free Raffle

Free Raffle
Register Each Person Now for Free Raffle!

Bike Rider

Family Bicycle Day @SharonWoods







Team building

Work outside in environmental careers!!


Science Facts

Many rangers at Metro Parks are police-trained, but all have attended the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy | Regular bicycling in nature boosts the immune system | The Edward Thomas State Nature Preserve at Sharon Woods lies feral to encourage nesting birds such as cardinals, blue jays, and blue birds | Regular bicycling in nature lowers blood pressure | To keep parts of Sharon Woods from reforesting, the rangers utilize succession mowing—mowing different sections during different years | Regular bicycling in nature reduces stress | Emerald ash borers--invasive beetles--invaded North America and have destroyed 100 million ash trees since 2002 including many in Sharon Woods | Regular bicycling in nature regulates emotions | There are 600 species of oak trees worldwide; eight species have been found in Sharon Woods | Regular cycling in nature increases the ability to focus, even in children with ADHD | Schrock Lake was dug in Sharon Woods for the dirt to build the ramps on Interstate 270 | Regular bicycling in nature accelerates recovery from surgery or illness | Regular bicycling in nature increases energy levels | Schrock Lake does not flood because of spillways built to control the water | Trees destroyed by lightening or invasive beetles are razed for safety to avoid having the trees randomly collapse and hurt animals and people | Bee hives have been constructed at Sharon Woods to encourage bee activity since many bees have died from colony collapse disease | Forty percent of bee colonies in the United States died in 2014 | Rangers’ daily activities include: mowing grass, clearing snow, razing trees, maintaining facilities that are on the ground, managing the wildlife present, addressing the needs of visitors, etc… Garlic mustard is an invasive species in Sharon Woods that thrives on low light; the seeds quickly sprout in early spring allowing it to divert resources from native plants | Japanese honeysuckle is an invasive plant in Sharon Woods that thrives on the increased sunlight on the park grounds from the removal of razed trees | Regular bicycling in nature improves sleep | Regular bicycling in nature improves cardiovascular fitness | Regular bicycling in nature decreases the risk of coronary heart disease | Regular bicycling in nature has a positive effect on mood | Regular bicycling in nature tones and builds muscles | Regular bicycling in nature is low-impact exercise for those with joint conditions or injuries to the legs or hips, which might keep them from being active | Regular bicycling in nature is great for your waistline | Regular bicycling in nature helps to keep weight gain down | Regular bicycling in nature ramps up metabolism, even after the ride is over | Regular bicycling in nature is a great way to increase life longevity, even when adjusted for risks of injury through cycling

Family Bicycle Day @Sharon Woods

Thank You Sponsors

Metro Parks
Columbus and Franklin County
Metro Parks
Black Girls Do Bike LLC
It's like a pep rally for black girls on bikes!
Metro Parks
Franklinton Cycle Works
897 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43222
Ohio Wesleyan University
61 S Sandusky St Delaware, Ohio
A private, under grad, liberal arts univ
Central State University
Ohio's only public Historically Black College & University
Central State University is a premier historically black university that nurtures students within a value-based environment focused on excellence in teaching and learning, research, and public service.
Paradise Garage
921 N High St Columbus, Ohio 43201
Paradise Garage is a friendly, full-service bike shop offering the best in recreational, road and mtb as well as complete tuneup options.
Recreational Equipment, Inc.
4150 Worth Ave Columbus, OH 43219
Retail chain carrying gear, apparel & footwear for a wide range of outdoor & fitness activities.
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